July 6th, 2014

The Eagle Rock Yacht Club boldly challenged the boundaries of good taste this season…


… with its latest theme: “Too Soon” — open to interpretation, but primarily defined as too soon to joke about something tragic. Much like a good game of Cards Against Humanity, it was like a litmus test poised to reveal exactly how terrible of people your fellow dodgeballers are.

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February 4th, 2014

Sucking at Dodgeball: A Story of Redemption

Dodgeball can be intimidating for newbies, even the most athletically-inclined.  Case in point: Ahlam Abdallah.  Ahlam’s first intro to ERYC was a fluke—her older brother had gone to elementary school with dodgeball veteran Tracy Barbosa, who ran into (and somehow recognized) Ahlam at a soccer game they were both playing in.  After witnessing some amazing goalie skills on the soccer field, Tracy asked Ahlam to join her team for an upcoming East vs. West ERYC tournament.


This picture was taken the day of the tournament—hard to believe it was Ahlam’s first time playing, right?  Well, yes… as long as you don’t see any video footage.  As Ahlam puts it, she had “all the intensity, and none of the accuracy” of a skilled dodgeball player.  She jokes that she’d whip a ball across the court, then immediately have to apologize.  Not for hitting an opposing player super hard, but for missing the players altogether and hitting the scoreboard super hard. 

Tracy taught Ahlam to focus on hitting people who had just thrown, which helped Ahlam begin to reign in her throws a bit.  From there, Ahlam just worked on identifying which athletic skills to hone and which to abandon (like the soccer goalie tendency to reach out and block the ball.  “Because oh yeah, in dodgeball, if you’re not catching it, you’re out.”)  Since then, she has successfully transformed herself from an inexperienced newcomer to a seriously unrivaled boss ass player and valued teammate.


Ahlam, Tracy and the other ladies hosting this Sunday’s Girls Dodgeball Clinic all know what it’s like to join dodgeball, jumping right into the trenches without a ton of previous experience or coaching.  They also happen to agree that dodgeball is way more fun when you know what you’re doing, so they’re letting us in on the little tricks they’ve picked up over the years.  

There are still a few spots left in the clinic, so seriously ladies, if you haven’t signed up yet you are seriously missing out on:

  1. Girl bonding time
  2. A Sunday Funday activity you can actually tell your mom about 
  3. Seeing these throwing skills in action:


(can’t wait to learn how to make the most of my super-athletic-and-not-at-all-flailing limbs this weekend… Ahlam, you’ve been warned.) 

In conclusion, SIGN UP RIGHT NOW!  


-Erin Gorman (AKA Gumby AKA Limbs McGee)

January 5th, 2014

Gym time can be hard to come by these days…

As some of you may have heard, we were only able to secure enough gym-time to host 4 teams at Glassell Rec this season so we opted to grab that additional hour over at Highland Park rec.

Adding a 4th League:
Rather than hop between two rec centers as we’ve done in the past, we opted to create a 2nd Eastside league in Highland Park, which is only 3.5 miles away from Glassell Rec.

As a result, the team captains will be split between the two rec centers with Rob, Michelle, Miguel, and Rene stepping up in Highland Park while Bonk, Tracy, Max and Ahlam hold it down at Glassell.

Currently the idea is that HP will be heading to the Little Cave for libations after each game. Like Glassell to Verdugo Bar, it is also a short walk from the rec.

If you’re interested in playing dodgeball at highland park, register here.

Fun Fact:
Highland Park is actually where the Eagle Rock Yacht Club was born. 

April 23rd, 2013

Instagram Challenge Perky Points…


Perky Points are an easy way your dodgeball team can gain an advantage over the competition. Each week a new Common Good Instagram Challenge will be released. These challenges will vary from simple acts of kindness to volunteer opportunities and team activities.

Completing the challenges is as easy as posting a photo to Instagram and successfully tagging your photo with #CommonGood #YourTeamHashtag @theyachtclub

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August 30th, 2012

Sadie Hawkins 2012

Can someone tell 2011’s Sadie Hawkins Dance Party of Awesome she was just surpassed in awesomeness?  But let her down gently.  She was good to us.

Last Saturday’s Sadie Hawkins Dance Party of Awesome truly earned its title as hundreds packed the posh Carondelet House in Downtown LA.  Partygoers in various states of sobriety not only demoed their best dance moves but also joined in various activities from airbrush tattooing to photo booths to scavenger hunts.

Written wrap-ups rarely do these kind of events justice, so those who didn’t attend will have to depend on stories and photos to aid in their regret for spending Saturday night at home alone with a cup of tea and a candle.

Which Yacht Clubber put the most time, energy, and sweat into pulling off another great event?  We’ll let them duke it out to decide: Chris & Craig, Amirah, Andy, Brynn, Cael, Erin, Jacqui, Kathleen, Neil, Nicole, Patrick, Penny, Rainbeau, Rob, Shazila and Tracy, and photographers Brian, Hogan and Melinda (Chris Chambers deserves a little credit despite arriving late with a broken camera—it’s the thought that counts).

Hopefully our sponsors understand how grateful we are that they took part in this event, and they deserve a special mention: Bushmills Irish Whiskey, Stella Artois, Barefoot Wine, Kinetic Lighting, Umamicatessen, Lemon Poppy Kitchen, Amirah’s mom, Brian & Kristie and even WeAreGiants.

For those keeping score, only twelve glasses and one chair were broken, which is possibly a new Yacht Club record.  And if you plan on visiting the “paint-by-numbers” next year, make that your first stop.  Those lines are a lot tougher to follow as the night goes on, and some would say we ended up with a Picasso rather than a Rembrandt.

August 8th, 2012

ERYCSPN: Quick & Dirty Highlights


On Sunday, Glassell Park Rec Center was the scene of the Quick & Dirty Tourney No. 2, an 8-on-8 tournament thrown together to raise enough money to keep Lazy Sunday Dodgeball open and free.  Braving the recent heat wave with the help of a donated supply of vitaminwater, teams fiercely fought through round after round of dodgeball.


The winning team, whose members included Erin, Megan, Jorge, Tyler, Zwan, Brad, Jacob, and Neil, benefitted from some useful perks because of their contributions.  The champions were given medals that doubled as bottle openers, a prize far more useful than those awarded to the best Olympians.


Thanks to every participant in the tournament, the fundraising goal was met, and Lazy Sunday Dodgeball will continue throughout end of the year.  And there was enough collected that the Yacht Club was able to make a $200 donation to Save Glassell Pool, who’s holding another community meeting on Wednesday, August 8 from 6pm-8pm at the Glassell Park Senior Center.

July 20th, 2012

It’s Speedball, Baby!!

Before the regular full seasons begin, we have some time to squeeze in a round of Speedball!  For five weeks beginning July 30, the Yacht Club aims to accelerate your sluggish, boring dodgelife, forcing you to throw fast and ask questions later.

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July 16th, 2012

You got perky points in my dodgeball! You got dodgeball in my perky points…

In every season of dodgeball, a new feature is introduced to break up the ho-hum monotony of racing around the gym as dodgeballs whiz past and slam into friends.  Some have become Yacht Club mainstays (can you imagine ever playing without a final basket shot?), while others drifted off to the Island of Misfit Rules (Red Rover, anyone?).

This game-changing tradition continued with the addition of “Perky Points.” Each week, teams competed in various challenges based upon the Yacht Club’s motto, “Dodgeball, Drinking, and the Common Good,” granting the victors special perks and abilities that were used throughout the season, playoffs, and finals.


Some tasks were as easy as grabbing some face time with fellow teammates and joining in post-dodgeball bar games. Teams rallied behind their representatives during an intense game of (Mom, stop reading for a moment) handcuff Twister (it’s okay now, Mom, c’mon back), and tastebuds were forever changed by the hot pepper eating contest.

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December 26th, 2011

This Seasons Gift & Our Earth Day Pledge.

Just over a month ago our good friends at Good.is (pun intended) posted an article on Earth Day encouraging readers to make an “Earth Day Pledge”– The point being to demonstrate your commitment to improving your relationship with the environment. A lofty way of saying, “stop being a dick to the environment” (who knew our slogan was so versatile?). In said article, this beautiful man, Patrick James, pledged to "… reduce the time I spend driving alone in the car. At least once a week for the rest of the year, I’ll walk, bike, carpool, or take the bus to work." Not only did this get Craig and I thinking about how much of a smug little goody two-(walking)-shoes Patrick James was… but how we could change our own habits and one-up that hippy Patrick with our own idea for improving the health of the rock we call earth. So our pledge is simple.

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(Source: yachtclub.myshopify.com)

February 24th, 2011

1st Annual Tournament of Love…

It was Saturday February 12th when about 160 peoples lives were changed when they fell in love with the Boys and Girls Club of Venice. as we hosted the most lovey-dovey dodgeball tournament this side of of the 405. Not only did the winners receive the respect and adoration of tweens everywhere, but they also received a Valentines Day dinner for two from 12 of Los Angeles’ best restaurants. (who ever said gift certificates weren’t romantic?

Check out snaps from the event, courtesy of Rainbeau, we even got this fancy little video that faini put together.



Roses are red, violets are blue, the team that won, received dinner for two… uhh… from our lovely sponsors. Thank You: Cube Market Place, Nobu, Gale’s, Zucca, Gorbals, Blairs, Tar Pits, Roy’s and Warszawa.

Check out the event Page

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