August 30th, 2012

Sadie Hawkins 2012

Can someone tell 2011’s Sadie Hawkins Dance Party of Awesome she was just surpassed in awesomeness?  But let her down gently.  She was good to us.

Last Saturday’s Sadie Hawkins Dance Party of Awesome truly earned its title as hundreds packed the posh Carondelet House in Downtown LA.  Partygoers in various states of sobriety not only demoed their best dance moves but also joined in various activities from airbrush tattooing to photo booths to scavenger hunts.

Written wrap-ups rarely do these kind of events justice, so those who didn’t attend will have to depend on stories and photos to aid in their regret for spending Saturday night at home alone with a cup of tea and a candle.

Which Yacht Clubber put the most time, energy, and sweat into pulling off another great event?  We’ll let them duke it out to decide: Chris & Craig, Amirah, Andy, Brynn, Cael, Erin, Jacqui, Kathleen, Neil, Nicole, Patrick, Penny, Rainbeau, Rob, Shazila and Tracy, and photographers Brian, Hogan and Melinda (Chris Chambers deserves a little credit despite arriving late with a broken camera—it’s the thought that counts).

Hopefully our sponsors understand how grateful we are that they took part in this event, and they deserve a special mention: Bushmills Irish Whiskey, Stella Artois, Barefoot Wine, Kinetic Lighting, Umamicatessen, Lemon Poppy Kitchen, Amirah’s mom, Brian & Kristie and even WeAreGiants.

For those keeping score, only twelve glasses and one chair were broken, which is possibly a new Yacht Club record.  And if you plan on visiting the “paint-by-numbers” next year, make that your first stop.  Those lines are a lot tougher to follow as the night goes on, and some would say we ended up with a Picasso rather than a Rembrandt.

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