March 20th, 2013

Needed: Chef and Volunteer for Kids Cooking


Do you have a few hours to donate each Tuesday to help kids get learned about healthy cooking and nutrition?

What we’re looking for:

  • 1 Volunteer for Venice Yacht Grub
  • 1 Chef for Glassell Yacht Grub
  • 1 Volunteer for Glassell Yacht Grub

What is Yacht Grub?
We’ve joined forces with Whole Foods Market for the first course, 8- students learn two new recipes and a host of helpful culinary skills.The next round of Yacht Grub is scheduled to take place this spring and we are looking for a few good men (and women) to steer the ship. We need one (1) professional chef for Glassell Park and one (1) volunteer for both Glassell and Oakwood. All positions are unpaid (volunteerism is the new black, y’all).

If you are interested in helping out or know someone that is, please contact Chris & Amirah at

Chef description – (Needed at Glassell Rec Only)
  • Works well with 8-10 children (ages: 10-16)
  • Ability to work with current class outline/structure
  • Ability to work with Yacht Club staff, its partners and volunteers
  • Collaborate, concept and create health conscious DIY recipes for kids that cultivate confidence in the kitchen.
  • All groceries will be from Whole Foods (natural/organic)
  • 6-8 week commitment (April 8-June 15) of 2 hours per week (5-7pm) + outside classroom planning and prep.

Volunteer Description - (Needed at Glassell Park and Oakwood)
  • 6-8 week commitment (April 8-June 15) of 2 hours per week (5-7pm in Glassell, 4-6pm in Venice)
  • Work with chef to coordinate weekly shopping
  • Work with chef to coordinate to maintain supply level of provided towels and aprons
  • Coordinate with chef/recreation center to print out weekly recipes for the students
Check out photos from past classes:





Check out our recipe book from Yacht Grub East:

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