July 6th, 2014

The Eagle Rock Yacht Club boldly challenged the boundaries of good taste this season…


… with its latest theme: “Too Soon” — open to interpretation, but primarily defined as too soon to joke about something tragic. Much like a good game of Cards Against Humanity, it was like a litmus test poised to reveal exactly how terrible of people your fellow dodgeballers are.

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February 25th, 2014

ERYC Spotlight: CONS Project: LA

Over the weekend, we were invited by our friends at Converse to check out their new, community-focused initiative targeted towards creative youth— CONS Project: LA.  Workshops were set up offering hands-on lessons in DIY culture, zine production, and filmmaking through music and skate.  All were facilitated by ambassadors in their respective industries, including Secret Walls, HIT + RUNBurger Records, and Sixstair, to name a few.  On March 1st, a wrap event will be held, showcasing all the work and projects completed by participants in the workshops.  If we’re feeling brave (or tipsy), we may try to sneak in some of our own Yacht Pix photos and hang them on the wall for display.  Kidding (not kidding)!





February 11th, 2014

Play Dodgeball, Find Love. You’re Welcome.


Haven’t signed up for the ERYC Valentine’s Day Tournament

Read the story below.  Then decide whether to spend your Sunday:

A) playing dodgeball, meeting new people, and raising money for city parks. 


B) watching Netflix, wearing sweatpants, and waiting for that Special Someone to just show up on your doorstep  


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February 4th, 2014

Sucking at Dodgeball: A Story of Redemption

Dodgeball can be intimidating for newbies, even the most athletically-inclined.  Case in point: Ahlam Abdallah.  Ahlam’s first intro to ERYC was a fluke—her older brother had gone to elementary school with dodgeball veteran Tracy Barbosa, who ran into (and somehow recognized) Ahlam at a soccer game they were both playing in.  After witnessing some amazing goalie skills on the soccer field, Tracy asked Ahlam to join her team for an upcoming East vs. West ERYC tournament.


This picture was taken the day of the tournament—hard to believe it was Ahlam’s first time playing, right?  Well, yes… as long as you don’t see any video footage.  As Ahlam puts it, she had “all the intensity, and none of the accuracy” of a skilled dodgeball player.  She jokes that she’d whip a ball across the court, then immediately have to apologize.  Not for hitting an opposing player super hard, but for missing the players altogether and hitting the scoreboard super hard. 

Tracy taught Ahlam to focus on hitting people who had just thrown, which helped Ahlam begin to reign in her throws a bit.  From there, Ahlam just worked on identifying which athletic skills to hone and which to abandon (like the soccer goalie tendency to reach out and block the ball.  “Because oh yeah, in dodgeball, if you’re not catching it, you’re out.”)  Since then, she has successfully transformed herself from an inexperienced newcomer to a seriously unrivaled boss ass player and valued teammate.


Ahlam, Tracy and the other ladies hosting this Sunday’s Girls Dodgeball Clinic all know what it’s like to join dodgeball, jumping right into the trenches without a ton of previous experience or coaching.  They also happen to agree that dodgeball is way more fun when you know what you’re doing, so they’re letting us in on the little tricks they’ve picked up over the years.  

There are still a few spots left in the clinic, so seriously ladies, if you haven’t signed up yet you are seriously missing out on:

  1. Girl bonding time
  2. A Sunday Funday activity you can actually tell your mom about 
  3. Seeing these throwing skills in action:


(can’t wait to learn how to make the most of my super-athletic-and-not-at-all-flailing limbs this weekend… Ahlam, you’ve been warned.) 

In conclusion, SIGN UP RIGHT NOW!  


-Erin Gorman (AKA Gumby AKA Limbs McGee)

January 22nd, 2014


The Web is a noisy place, and it’s easy to lose track of who’s worth following. Today, we’re focusing on the epicenter of our great city, Downtown Los Angeles. From behind-the-scenes glimpses at the coolest businesses to artsy street photos shot by professional creatives, here are five Instagrammers you definitely want to follow.

1. MOCA (@mocalosangeles)

Alongside the typical inside-the-museum shots, MOCA features photos of some rather titillating artwork. It’s clearly an art museum that doesn’t take itself too seriously.




2. Handsome Coffee Roasters (@handsomeroaster)

Handsome Coffee Roasters’ photos display the same aesthetic as their Arts District-based shop, sharing the sense of a Saturday morning getaway to a neighborhood coffeehouse with no plans but to enjoy a good cup of coffee.




3. Poketo (@poketo)

Mixing straightforward product shots with artistically-framed snaps of hipster staples like bicycles and homemade jam, Poketo has quickly become one of LA’s coolest little shops.




4. Bobby Solomon/The Fox is Black (@thefoxisblack)

With a unique knack for spotting exceptional sights across Los Angeles, Bobby Solomon’s followers ride along as he shares images of breakfast, street art, and the unexpected randomness of life.





5. Marissa Harrington/Bourbon & Goose (@bourbonandgoose)

As a self-proclaimed “adventurer, community enthusiast and craft cocktail drinker,” up-and-comer Marissa Harrington posts everyday snapshots that are equal parts escapist and artistic.




A Couple More for the Hell of It: Ever wonder what it’s like to see inside the Yacht Club’s founders minds through the app-filtered lens of a smartphone’s camera? Chris and Craig are as complex as that last sentence, and they’re posting the important things in their lives to Instagram as well.

Chris Alves/Eagle Rock Yacht Club (@theyachtclub)



Craig Fowler/WeAreGiants (@wearegiants)



Erin Gorman with Chris Bonk 

January 5th, 2014

Gym time can be hard to come by these days…

As some of you may have heard, we were only able to secure enough gym-time to host 4 teams at Glassell Rec this season so we opted to grab that additional hour over at Highland Park rec.

Adding a 4th League:
Rather than hop between two rec centers as we’ve done in the past, we opted to create a 2nd Eastside league in Highland Park, which is only 3.5 miles away from Glassell Rec.

As a result, the team captains will be split between the two rec centers with Rob, Michelle, Miguel, and Rene stepping up in Highland Park while Bonk, Tracy, Max and Ahlam hold it down at Glassell.

Currently the idea is that HP will be heading to the Little Cave for libations after each game. Like Glassell to Verdugo Bar, it is also a short walk from the rec.

If you’re interested in playing dodgeball at highland park, register here.

Fun Fact:
Highland Park is actually where the Eagle Rock Yacht Club was born. 

December 29th, 2013

Mural by Pip Craighead

With help from Council member Mitch O’Farrell, Sean Gallagher, Karli Brooke Geiger and Chris Alves. 

September 25th, 2013


There’s something inherently romantic about railway stations.  It’s not necessarily the rose petals and champagne sort of romance but more of an old timey, nostalgic feeling.  Back in the black-and-white days when everyone wore hats, ubiquitous train stations served as the embarkation points where travelers set off on daring adventures.  While many were replaced by modern, functional buildings, the surviving relics of transportation’s past still house that built-in sense of elegant grandeur and innate drama.

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September 16th, 2013

Let’s Keep Sadie Hawkins Twerk-Free: A Plea to Twerkers


The following views expressed by Chris Bonk do not necessarily reflect those of the Eagle Rock Yacht Club and, like many of his other weird views, make us question whether or not to seek professional help on his behalf.

Twerking is an insufferable fad, and it has no place at this year’s Sadie Hawkins Dance Party.

For those who have yet to experience this rhythmic abomination either from a shared online video or (gasp) firsthand (thanks for the visuals, Miguel Cervantes), the solo gyration involves one’s hips moving up and down, subsequently causing the posterior keister region to shake in a similar direction. While the act has been practiced for decades, only recently has twerking taken the mainstream spotlight, jiggling its way like a disease throughout the internet, television, and our social consciousness.

A twerking outbreak in such a space as Union Station could have disastrous consequences for Sadie Hawkins guests. Flung glassware from knocked-over furniture becomes the unintended weapons of a twerker. Just imagine the horror a stunned attendee might experience while being bounced around like a pinball by a bunch of twerking butt flippers. And I haven’t even begun to research the potential seismological effects mass twerking might have on the fault line below.

Plus, it’s tacky.

As October 5th quickly approaches, I’ve been working vigorously with local government, enlisting the aid of the county clerk and a couple of comptrollers, to establish a perimeter around Union Station for the night. This “no twerking” zone will protect partygoers from secondhand twerk through dutiful monitoring by a special deputized twerk task force.

So if you lead a twerking lifestyle, please twerk at home before you come. Pre-twerk.

Over the past five years, the Yacht Club has endured its share of frivolous pop culture vagaries (I’m looking at you, Harlem Shake). Can it survive another five as a victim of twerking?

Show your anti-twerking support by snagging a ticket to the Sadie Hawkins Dance.

September 15th, 2013

Bestselling author, political adviser and social and ethical prophet Jeremy Rifkin investigates the evolution of empathy and the profound ways that it has shaped our development and our society. Taken from a lecture given by Jeremy Rifkin as part of the RSA’s free public events programme. 
Watch the full lecture here: http://www.thersa.org/events/video/archive/jeremy-rifkin-the-empathic-civilisation

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